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COVID-19 And What We Can Do To Help. 

Hey Colorado. Makes me sad to have to write this but with schools closing, tournaments being cancelled, travel being restricted. Lives to be seem to be effected more and more as the days go on with potential for an outbreak of COVID-19. We have been following the number of cases reported in Colorado and around the country and lucky enough we still have a low count of reported cases. Being a cleaning and restoration company we want to do everything we can to keep those numbers low and be apart of a prevention system that will allow our children to return to school safely and attend the sporting events they work so hard for. A big part of prevention is sanitizing and disinfecting all hard and soft cell surfaces. This includes all surfaces from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between.  Hard cell surfaces like laminate, vinyl, painted walls etc, can be disinfected with a proper disinfectant solution. Soft cell surfaces like carpet  can never be fully disinfected. We can however achieve a high level of sanitation bringing us as close to disinfected as possible. No one can disinfect carpet fully so please dont trust anyone if they say they can. Thats fraud and illegal. Concerning the seriousness of this situation we need a serious company that understands what is going on. We use a level IV disinfectant for all surfaces. Level IV is the lowest category/ Safest category disinfectant. This product is hospital grade and is a  Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal, and  Virucidal. We clean and wipe down all hard surfaces with this product. We recommend this as often as possible for the best prevention measures. For soft surfaces like carpet we pre spray the floor with the disinfectant and the steam extract the product and contaminants out. From the we apply the same product as a post cleaning disinfectant to bring the carpet to the highest levels of sanitation achievable. We want to help as much of Colorado as possible and will do whatever possible to keep prices as low as possible to help as many people as we can. Please call me personally for any question on this cleaning process and how we can help your home or business. We wish everyone good health and together we can keep Colorado safe from COVID-19. 

Jose F. Cos IV 


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