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    When it comes to carpet we are one of the only companies that offers a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE which even extends to pet stains and odor. We are fully confident and equipped to handle any kind of situation that is thrown at us. We use 100% truck mounted steam equipment. Protect your corners and baseboards from hose damage. Supply everyone in the home with shoe covers to make for an easier dry time. If any stains resurface or you are simply not satisfied i will reclean it for free. If you are still not satisfied then i will refund your payment. 


    If you have ever owned a dog or cat then this may look familiar. Some pets like to scratch and pull on your nice beautiful carpet just make your life a little more fun. No problem, our team has done thousands of patches just like this and have saved home owners some serious money by not replacing the carpet. This method also works for permanent stains in the carpet like: burn marks, bleach stains, varnish stains, and others alike. All patchwork comes with a 100% money back guarantee.



    We always get asked where do carpet wrinkles come from? Theres actually a few main reasons for this and 2 of them are preventable. 1st and I think the main contributor for carpet wrinkles is a bad install. Installers are just lazy sometimes and dont get the carpet real tight like they need to. 2nd is dragging heavy furniture across the carpet, invest in some furniture sliders and it will prevent this. 3rd is natural wear and tear of the carpet which cannot be prevented..but still can be fixed. We will make your carpet flat as a pancake and no wrinkle will return. 100% money back guarantee. 



     Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Persian, Oriental etc.. We service them all. These Delicate rugs can be very sensitive to shrinking and bleeding (color loss) Special care methods must be taken in order to properly clean these works of art. Each rug is examined on a individual basis and gets a cleaning package put together specifically for that one rug. We' have serviced and saved area rugs from $20.00 all the way to $20,000 +. We know you enjoy the fine work that is put into these rugs and we will put every much of that into getting them cleaned right. 100% money back guarantee.


    Upholstery basically comes into two different categories. Wet clean and dry clean. Deciding on which to perform is crucial. Choosing the wrong option can literally ruin your furniture. Here at C.O.S. we take this very seriously and stay up to date on all the latest manufactures and cleaning techniques so this will not happen. We have saved thousands of pieces of upholstery using our techniques and yours can be next. 100% money back guarantee.


    When it comes to ceramic and porcelain tile i think we all know its really not the tile that is the problem its the grout. Those grout lines are like little valleys where all the dirt and grime go when you mop. When the floor is dry you are left with a clean tile and dirty grout line. The main way you prevent this is with a good repellant sealer. This will keep the dirt from sinking into the porous grout. If the grout already has staining then we remove all staining before sealing, giving it a like new result. All tile comes with a 100% money back guarantee. 


    Natural Stone is absolutely Beautiful, lets just get that out of the way. Since that being said, just know natural stone can be a nightmare if you don't know what your doing. I have seen too many floors ruined by a bad cleaning company or an uninformed owner. Depending on the damage it can lead to extensive repairs. We can make any natural stone look new again which is the good news about it. We always do a wall to wall inspection on any natural stone since no stone is created equal and therefore very unique. This ensures the exact method needed to get your natural stone looking a good as the day you got it. 100% money back guarantee.


    VCT or Vinyl Composite Tile is another floor that takes tremendous knowledge and effort to make look good. Just look at a Kmart VCT floor VS. A Walmart VCT floor. You will notice immediately that there is no comparison and Walmart's floors look way better and more importantly cleaner. This is cause of correct maintenance. We can restore even some of the most damaged floors and guide you on a correct path of maintenance to ensure your floors always look there sharpest. 100% money back guarantee.


    Thankfully Drapery is in an area where they don't get stained like carpet or upholstery, but doesnt mean they don't get dirty.Bugs and dust can plague these fine pieces of fabric and sometimes permanently stain them. Almost all Drapery is dry clean only. Water, steam, and wrong products can permanently damage your drapes. We will never do this, and we will always exercise the most thorough care when it comes to your drapery. 100% money back guarantee.


    Wood floors are becoming more and more popular these days and why not there gorgeous looking! Unfortunately if you have pets and kids or just a high traffic home then you know how quickly these floors can scratch up. Preventive maintenance is critical if you don't want to spend a fortune. Re-sanding on even just a small area of wood floor can quickly run into the thousands of dollars. Thats where we come in. We are the preventive team that wont allow your floors to get the dreadful re-sand before its time is do. If done properly you wont have to sand the floor for decades saving you thousands of dollars. 100% money back guarantee. 


    No one really thinks about there dryer vent un till the dryer starts acting up. In reality this is the worst time to realize this problem. Built up lint and debris from your dryer gets clogged in your vent and can become a very serious fire hazard. Most insurance companies recommend having your dryer vent cleaned every 3-5 years, if it exits on the side of the house.. If your dryer vent exits through the roof then every 1-2 years. This Service not only extends the life of your dryer by not ovedr working it but also prevents an unnecessary house fire. 100% money back Guarantee. 


     Right next to your carpet, your air ducts are directly related to the air quality in your home. If you change your furnace filter the recommend time of every 30-60 days then you only need them cleaned every 3-5  years. However if you forget to change your filter then recommended time is every 1-2 years. An easy test to see if your air ducts  are dirty is to unscrew the cold air return (usually large vent on the wall not the floor) and see how dirty it is. If it is really dirty then its defiantly time to have your vents serviced. After your vents are serviced most home owners notice that they don't have to dust nearly as often and for our allergy sensitive clients it help provides and allergy free environment giving them a better quality of life in there home. 100% money back guarantee.

We love to show case our work. Check out our portfolio to see all our latest results. 

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